Six water tanks for a brandnew greenhouse complex, Saudi Arabia

3000 m3 water tanks

We supplied six water tanks for a brand new greenhouse complex in Saudi Arabia. Four tanks have a size of ø 17.37 x 3.05 meters and two tanks have a size of ø 13.72 x 3.05. All together approximately 3000 m3 of water can be stored in these tanks.

All six tanks have a coating on the bottom metal rings of the tanks. In Saudi Arabia the environmental and climatological conditions would be best described as arid, keeping salt in the soil. The presence of salt in the sand makes that the lower metal rings of the tank corrode faster. To avoid salt damage, in these conditions is opted to coat the bottom rings. These coated bottom rings lower maintenance costs and extend the lifecycle of the water tanks.

The tanks are completed with floating anti-algae covers. The floating anti-algae cover is specially designed for tanks with a diameter larger than approximately 10 meters, since in that case the walls cannot bear the forces. With our floating anti-algae cover no force is applied to the tank.