Metal water tank with Install+, the Netherlands

Project info

Through a horticultural engineering firm we delivered a tank of 18 x 3,81 meters in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. This project was the first project we delivered our Install+ system. Before the Install+ system was applied, PVC eyelets were welded in the hem of the liners. As this was very labour intensive, the PVC eyelets were replaced by stainless steel eyelets, which were applied mechanically. Saving time and energy. Pretty soon after this, the main liner material became ENPEX FPP and the Install+ system was introduced. By using a coloured band and ratchets in the liner, Install+ enables faster installation and advantages as avoiding rust and creating a better protection for the liner and the top of the tank.

Our project in Aalsmeer has for many years served as model and reference for later projects.