HDPE sludge basins, Harlingen

NPI supplied film for a number of sludge basins for S&G Harlingen. This dredging and groundwork company has no less than eight sludge basins, into which various types of earth and sludge are pumped and processed. This includes both wet and dry dredgings, and clean to heavily polluted dredgings and sludge. The sludge basins include the largest in the Netherlands, with a surface area of around 15,000 m2. These evaporation basins allow wet dredgings to settle, leaving earth for further processing. Polluted dredgings are transformed into reusable raw materials.

The sludge basins for which we supplied film are used for heavier dredgings. As such, we used 2 mm HDPE film. During the first phase, our team welded 12,000 m2 of film together on site. In the second phase, we installed more than 25,000 m2 of film.

Our certification allowed us to carry out this fantastic project in Harlingen. The KIWA certificate was required for this project, which allowed us to put our expertise into practice during the delivery of these film assemblies.