Fish farming, Nigeria

Project info

Aquaculture is an important market for NPI. One of our most important projects in this sector was a project in Nigeria, where we supplied 48 tanks for a tilapia farm. In fish farming, there is a great deal of work activity and splash water around the water tanks, which requires extra protection. Because of this, the lower rings of these tanks were coated and the minimum sheet thickness was 1 mm. The overlap of the liner over the edge was also extended to provide maximum protection against splash water and weather. The tanks were partially buried to provide the ideal working height from outside.

Our metal water tanks are often used in fish farms due to the many benefits they offer. These include cost reductions, simple installation, maintenance and durability. In addition, our tanks are resistant to high pressure with a minimum safety margin of 40%, which is absolutely essential in aquaculture. Finally, Enpex FPP, the most commonly used coating, is very durable and is not harmful to fish.

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