Demo tank for pilot greenhouses, Malaysia

Project info

Via a partner, we supplied a demo tank for a major pilot greenhouse complex in Malaysia. In this demonstration environment, local authorities and universities carry out experiments and measurements that cannot normally be performed in practice. Water technology and storage is an important and indeed essential topic in this research project.

An interesting detail: the container with the tank components arrived at the local port very late. This meant that the installation became a race against time. Our installation team was able to complete the construction of the tank just before the arrival of the visiting delegation. The entire demo tank was set up in just an hour and a half. But it was a success! The demo tank was enthusiastically received and received a great deal of attention during various visits and tours of the pilot greenhouses.

This shows how easy it is to install our water storage tanks. Depending on the size, a tank can be assembled in a relatively short time. It can also be dismantled again if required. Of course, our experienced installers can supply you with advice and practical assistance if needed.

We have supplied a large number of tanks in Malaysia via this partner.