Is your water well protected? All about the ENPI-float

A cost effective, simpel but strong solution to cover your water tank

Your water tank is located outside and is year-round exposed to the elements. And thus, so is your stored water. Algae formation, evaporation, heatening of the water by UV radiation and dirt worsen the quality of your water and could eventually lead to malfunctioning of the irrigation system and plant loss. To maintain the quality of the stored water optimal it requires a cover that protects your water. 

Have you considered the ENPI-float?

  • Protects against algae, evaporation, dirt and UV radiation
  • Reduces heating of the water
  • Withstands wind
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent buoyancy
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in any size
  • Cost effective

A good all-rounder is the ENPI-float. Since it is available in any size it is also extremely suitable for water tanks with larger diameters. This smart and relatively new solution is made from polypropylene and it is covered with small, air-filled bubbles which give the cover a high degree of buoyancy.

The top layer of the cover is white, which reflects UV rays. This reduces heating of the water in areas with high levels of sunlight. Also in harsh climates the ENPI-float does a great job. Especially for larger tanks it can be a challenge to keep a covering system in place in bad weather. Due to the shape of the bubble, the ENPI-float creates a vacuum on the water so the cover sucks itself onto the water surface. When firmer anchoring is necessary; the ENPI-float can also be delivered with weighted bags for wind protection.

The ease of installation is great; centre poles or reinforcement rings are not necessary. Moreover, the product can be installed on empty or full silos. Installing an ENPI-float is a typical one man job.

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